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Billings, Payments and Account

For New Customers: It is required that you pay in the office while completing paperwork to get the meter unlocked and to legally accept you as our customer. For Existing Customers: The $20.00 is a tariffed reconnect fee that must be paid on top of your current balance prior to getting service restored.
Yes you can. We also have the option to pay online via Xpress Bill Pay. If this is an option that you would like to pursue please create an account on Xpress Bill Pay’s website by clicking here. You will need your Rainier View Water account number, which is on your statement, as well as your bank information when setting up an account for the first time. As an alternative, many banks do have bill paying services, so you might also want to check with your bank.
The WUTC requires us to provide equal service to all customers without special accommodations, concessions, privileges or provisions to unique individuals or groups. We can, however, direct those in financial distress to an outside resource. Their coordinator can help match eligible applicants to appropriate charities that may be able to provide modest assistance. Yvonne Eden Associated Ministries Housing & Shelter Coordinator (253) 383-3056 – Work
Call our billing office immediately (prior to disconnection) at (253) 537-6634. They will help you make arrangements.
Re-connections can only be scheduled once the payment is received in our office. Online payments through Xpress Bill Pay take one business day to be received in our office. Online payments through banking institutions can take several days to be received in our office. If you are not in a hurry to be reconnected, then an online payment may be acceptable to you. If you need to be reconnected as soon as possible, then paying in our office or asking us to collect payment at the door (cash, check or money order) would be the better option.
Unfortunately no, we recommend paying in advance the minimum amount to cover 3 months. Prior to departure and upon return, please notify our office any mailing address updates/changes that you would like us to make for your statements. To prevent unauthorized use,leaks, etc., you may turn your water off at the house or meter. Upon request, we can turn your water off at the meter for a $10.00 dispatch fee.
No, if you wish to refuse to give your social security number you may provide your Washington State Driver’s License. If you do not provide one of these two items, you will be required to pay a $60.00 deposit, which will be applied after 12 months of service with no more than 2 delinquency notices during that time.
A completed and signed Application for Existing Single Family Residence and Water Use Questionnaire form must be submitted at least one business day before the date you need water service. We recommend e-mailing forms to info@RainierViewWater.com so that we can confirm receipt more quickly, but you may also fax to 253-537-7896 or mail to P.O. Box 44427, Tacoma, WA 98448. Forms that are faxed or mailed will be acknowledged by mail with an approved copy. Please be aware that we do not connect service on weekends or most holidays.
Contact our billing department three business days before you want your account closed so that we can schedule your final read. Since service is disconnected when we get the final read, it is important to choose a day that you will not need access to water. Please be aware that we do not get final reads on weekends or most holidays.

Fire Hydrants

Generally speaking, the fire department is responsible for the maintenance of fire hydrants; however, there are some that we have accepted responsibility for maintaining. Please speak to our operations department, option 4, for specific information.
Fire code requires that a three foot clearance be maintained around all ports of a fire hydrant.
Once a year, meter test are available upon request at no charge. If the meter is broken, our maintenance department will take the call and address the issue. If the concern is about the possibility of an incorrect reading, our customer service department will try to send out a different meter reader to confirm the read.


In most cases, your meter is located near your property line near the street.
1. No personal information is transmitted or stored. 2. The read and usage data that is transmitted is encrypted.


Try using “Iron Out,” a granular detergent which can be found in most stores. It can also be used to clean objects and in the laundry to protect clothing. Also try “Kitchen Block” – a pumice like block that takes off mineral as content well.
This is to ensure that we are keeping up with any changes that my affect cross connection conditions. For further explanation, please call our cross connection program manager at extension 1239 at any time.


Our normal billing rates actually fall in the average range. We are not the most expensive, nor the least expensive. We are a small, privately owned company. As a privately owned company, our rates are regulated by the WUTC. Rates, however, are high when excessive use occurs, and this is to discourage excessive use of our resources. Some water companies pass this expense on to all customers, but our rate plan, which is approved and regulated by the WUTC, is to charge the people who actually consume excess water.
It depends on the size of the pool. Please contact our office and have the dimensions of the pool available when calling.
The surcharge is for the specific expense associated with treatment. The surcharge ends when the debt for that expense is repaid. No exact date can be determined, because the rate of repayment varies with the number of customers we have at any given time.

Repair or Service

Turn off all water using appliances and faucets in the house, and then go look at the meter. If it is still spinning, that is an indication of a water leak somewhere. Locate the shutoff valve in the house (often next to the hot water heater) and turn the water off. Check a faucet first to make sure it is off. You may get residual water, but it will stop very shortly if the water valve has been turned off. Now check the meter again, and if the meter is still spinning then there is a leak between the meter and the house. If the meter stops spinning, then the leak is in the house. Your next step should be to call a plumber and explain your situation. They may not be able to help with a leak if it is between the meter and the house. If that is the case, look in the phone book under Leak & Pipe Locating in the yellow pages.
Call Locate, Inc. at 1-800-424-5555. Washington State law requires 2 days before you dig. For further information, see www.callbeforeyoudig.com.
Call us at 253-537-6634, option 4, and we will investigate.
Sorry, this is not a service that Rainier View Water Co., provides. You should be able to find some phone numbers in the yellow pages for plumbers in the Pierce County Area.
The water utility is responsible for all repairs up to the back side of the water meter. The reason being, the utility did not install the line from the meter to the home.
It is usually a two day turnaround for our service orders to be completed, depending on the nature and urgency of the issue. Date, time and scope of work will be noted by maintenance personnel on a hanger form left on your front door.
Any leak and/or repair prior to the customer’s service is the responsibility of Rainier View Water Co., and would not show usage on the customer’s meter. A leak past the meter, on the customer side, whether it is inside the house or the line that connects the meter to the house, is the responsibility of the customer to repair.


Although the valve is the property of the utility, and for the purposes of maintenance, there may be times when you need to shut off water to your home. There are two places the water can be shut off. There is usually a shut off valve inside the house on the water line, before it gets to the hot water heater (often in the garage). The water can also be shut off at the meter. Open the meter box, and on the road side of the meter there will be a valve. Using a 3/4 inch wrench and a screwdriver, face the road and spin the valve clockwise until the two holes line up.

Water Quality

Please call (253) 537-6634, option 4. Please be prepared to let them know the nature of the problem.
This comes from excess air in the water lines. Letting the water sit for a couple of minutes would result a dissipation of the fogginess and discoloration.
We currently treat the water with Sodium Hydroxide for corrosion control in the Southwood/Sound system only, but there is always potential for copper leeching from pipes. Such leeching lends a blue tint or residue to the water.
This indicates a high level of manganese, a naturally occurring mineral. Our area has a higher saturation of minerals, and at times, these minerals can collect in the water main outside of the house (distribution system). Such a buildup is not harmful to our health, and can often be resolved through flushing the system.
We add Chlorine to nullify any potential harmful organic elements in the water, and Sodium Hydroxide, an inorganic compound that adjusts the pH to help protect pipes from deteriorating.
Rainier View Water Co. does not currently add Fluoride to the water, although naturally occurring trace amounts can be present. The Pierce County Public Health Board has shown interest in requiring Fluoridated water, so this status may change based on those results.

Water Use Efficiency

Many people mistakenly believe that higher rates for high use is related to drought. In reality, the purpose of water use efficiency (with or without drought) is to implement effective use of water. To discourage the overuse of water, a higher rate is applied for water used in excess of normal consumption standards.
The Washington State Department of Health has determined that an average family of four consumes 255 gallons (34 cubic feet) of indoor water use per day (x 30 days = 7,650 gallons or 1,000 cubic feet for the month). Summer use can double that amount (15,300 gallons or 2,000 cubic feet), depending upon watering patterns. 22,440 gallons or 3,000 cubic feet is considered excessive by average standards, and therefore, subject to higher rates.
Of course, every family manages their water consumption differently, but the average family of 4 uses 1,000 cubic feet. Summer usage is higher and varies more depending upon watering habits, size of yard, pools. etc.
The Washington State Department of Heath requires us to file an approved water system plan that includes a water use efficiency program. Their focus is on maximizing existing resources to allow for future growth and population expansion. The absence of water use efficiency and planning could result in an inability for our natural resources and the services that provide them to sustain the population. Since the Washington State Department of Health is not authorized to control growth and population expansion, their solution to conserve water became a mandate to water utilities and their customers. While other utilities use a multi-tiered conservation rate that affects all of its users, our water system plan uses a rate method that affects only the people who actually use quantities that exceed average use. Since 15% of our customers use 80% of the water during summer months, they become responsible for the excess use, instead of charging people who utilize conservation methods and stay below the range of excess use.
Here are a few basic tips. Follow our watering calendar carefully. Use timers on your sprinklers. Use rain sensors on sprinkler systems. Take shorter showers (10 minutes or less). Shut off water while brushing your teeth. When washing dishes by hand, fill a sink with clean water for rinsing dishes, instead of rinsing them under running water. There are also several web sites that can offer excellent suggestions, here are a few: www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/wr/wrhome.html www.bewatersmart.com
Read your meter. It is usually located near the property line near the road. It reads like a car odometer – the two numbers on the far right represent tenths – we bill in hundredths. We have a publication that we can send you if you would like or your can click here to see our rate structures.

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